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Call for Subscription for ISSN Number- 2454-6542 (Journal of Research Innovation and Management Science)


    Greetings from JRIM!

    The JRIM brings you the best academic values and research practice in major disciplines, including Agriculture and Allied, Agri Business Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Management Strategy, Information Technology, Public Sector Management, Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail & Consumer Services, Geological Science and Life Science

    If you teach research or study any of the above mentioned subjects, it’s for sure essential reading. For the library of any institution/university: needless say it is going to add worth.All the PRINT subscription is within INDIA only. For international subscription please mail to us at our below mentioned id for the subscription price.

    JRIM is published quarterly in every year. Upon Subscribe; as well as getting a hard copy by post, subscribers can also read the journal online and download electronic copies.

    If any individual is going for subscription; then publication fee for one of his manuscript will be completely free in that calendar year.

    If any institution is going for subscription; then any special issue within the subscription period will be completely free in that calendar year.

    Subscription Rate
    Type 1 year (4 Edition) 3 years (12 Edition)
    Individual Individual-INR 1500 Individual-INR 4000
    Institution Institution-INR 2500 Institution-INR 6500

    How to Subscribe

    For subscription please write to:
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