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Submission Guidelines

Instructions For The Authors

Authors are sincerely advised to submit their Research Work/Case Study/Articles through email only.

All the text, tables, and figures are needed to be included in a single Microsoft Word file.PDF or PPT version will not be accepted.

Once we will receive your Manuscripts; will confirm you within a week in reference to receiving of your paper.

Publication decisions to include your paper will be made as rapidly as possible; decision about the manuscript will be mailed to you within 30 days time.

Manuscripts should be original and unpublished work; the editorial board have every right to go for appropriate changes in your original work before publishing it in the journal.

If the Paper gets selected than it will get published in any of the issue in that calendar year. Editorial Board have every right to schedule it for publication as per their suitability.

Once submitted Authors cannot ask for the cancelation of submission.

The Manuscripts should be in MS word format. Double spaced. Font should be in Times New Roman. Font size should be 12. Headings and should be Bold.

Manuscript should be of size 1000-5000 words.

Abstract should be of size 200-300 words.

Key words: 4-6 no.

All the tables and figures should be kept in appropriate place and should be black in colour.

References should be included at the end of the paper. All the references should be cited in the body of the text. References and citations should be complete in all respects and arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Book
    Adhikari B. (1989). Time management. London: Pan Books.
  • Journal
    Dwivedi G. (2005). How to save time. Journal of Research. Vol. 3(5), PP. 15-20.
  • World wide web
    Zanella, V. (2001). How to curb impulse buying tendencies. PageWise Inc. Retrieved on
    October 16, 2001 from

First page should contain the title of their topic ,their full name, affiliation, complete address for communication including mobile no, and email id .

The second paper should contain the name of two referees along with their complete address for communication including mobile no and email id .

The third paper will be the abstract.

And from the fourth paper onwards the full topic flow.