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Volume IV Issue III 2018

Volume IV Issue III 2018

Year:2018 Volume IV Issue III

Print ISSN :2454-6542,Online ISSN:2454-6542

Received on:25th June 2018, Received in Revised Form:28th June 2018, Accepted On:29th June 2018

Article DOI : 10.18231/2455-9342.2018.0006

Dr. Swati G Shukla
Assistant Professor, Business Communication, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

Corresponding Author:


Gone are the days when an academic degree alone could guarantee a good job. In the present times, job readiness has come to be associated with a blend of soft skills and hard skills in a fresh recruit. It is said that hard skills can get you an interview but it is your soft skills that will help you stay and grow in an organization. For someone aspiring for a career in corporate, an MBA or PGDM degree is considered essential as it grounds a student in major concepts, practices and functions of Business Management.While the degree validates that a holder is equipped with the required hard skills, it provides no guarantee that those hard skills are complemented with the required soft skills. Consequently, there is a need to examine the perception of job readiness Business Graduates carry at the end of their management program and find if it matches with the expectations of the employer. Most often a huge gap is found between the two and prime reason is lack of understanding of significance of soft skills among Business Graduates. The concern over lack of soft skills in Indian Graduates has often been expressed in various magazines, newspaper articles and surveys but no serious study has explored the question of responsibility in Indian context. The present paper helps in understanding what are soft skills and how are they different from hard skills, addresses the question of responsibility in Indian context by exploring causes of lack of soft skills in Business Graduates and finally suggests ways in which management education can not only enhance the employability factor of its Business Graduates but also ensure their success upon entry into the work place.


Job readiness, Business Graduates,Management Education, Soft Skills,Hard Skills